Former J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik Claims PM Modi has No Issue with Corruption and is Ignorant on J&K

In a recent explosive interview with The Wire, former Jammu and Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik has made some startling revelations about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government.

Former J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik Claims PM Modi has No Issue with Corruption and is Ignorant on J&K


Malik, who was governor during the Pulwama terrorist attack of 2019 and the scrapping of Article 370 in August that year, has accused the Indian system of “incompetence” and “laparvahi” that led to the devastating attack on soldiers in Pulwama. Malik alleged that lapses by the Indian system, specifically the CRPF and the home ministry, led to the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 40 soldiers. In the interview, Malik said that he had raised all these lapses with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NSA Ajit Doval when they called him after the attack. However, both of them allegedly asked him to keep quiet and not talk about it. Malik realized that the intention was to put the blame on Pakistan and derive electoral benefit for the government and the BJP.

Malik also said that there was grave intelligence failure in the Pulwama incident because the car carrying 300 kilograms of RDX explosives had come from Pakistan but was travelling around the roads and villages of Jammu and Kashmir for 10-15 days without being detected and without anyone knowing.

Malik also claims that PM Modi has no issue with corruption and is “ignorant” about Kashmir. He alleges that he was removed as governor of Goa in August 2020 because he had brought to the prime minister’s attention several instances of corruption which the government chose to ignore rather than tackle. He alleges that the people around the prime minister are indulging in corruption and often use the PMO’s name. Malik says he had brought all of this to Modi’s attention but the PM did not seem to care.

Furthermore, Malik discusses in detail why he did not let Mehbooba Mufti form a new government even though she claimed a majority of 56 in the 87 member assembly and why he chose instead to dissolve the assembly in November 2018. At one point, he accuses Mehbooba Mufti of lying.

Malik also said that all the appointments granted by President Droupadi Murmu are, in fact, vetted by the PMO. He said an appointment he had been given by the president when he was still a governor was cancelled at the last moment when he was actually en route to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Malik also gives details of how, when he was governor of J&K, he was approached by the BJP-RSS leader Ram Madhav to clear a hydro-electric scheme and a Reliance insurance scheme, but he refused to do so, saying “Mein galat kaam nahin karoonga (I won’t do a wrong thing).” Madhav came to see him at seven in the morning to try and get him to change his mind.

These allegations are serious and could cause political earthquakes in the Modi government and the BJP. The Pulwama attack was a tragic incident that shocked the entire nation, and if these allegations are true, it would mean that the government did not take enough measures to prevent it.

In conclusion, the explosive interview given by former J&K governor Satya Pal Malik has raised serious questions about the Modi government’s handling of key issues, such as corruption and security lapses leading to the Pulwama attack. Malik’s accusations against PM Modi and his closest advisors are serious and demand an investigation. The interview is a reminder that transparency and accountability are critical for a healthy democracy.

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Freedom of Choice: Private Schools in India Not Forced to Buy Books and Uniforms from Specific Vendors

Freedom of Choice: Private Schools in India Not Forced to Buy Books and Uniforms from Specific Vendors
Freedom of Choice: Private Schools in India Not Forced to Buy Books and Uniforms from Specific Vendors


Private schools in India have always been subject to regulations and guidelines set by the Central government. In recent years, one of the most talked-about regulations is the requirement for private schools to purchase books and uniforms from specific vendors. However, the government has clarified that private schools will not be forced to buy books and uniforms from specific vendors, and this article will delve into the details of this law and its guidelines.

Background of the Regulation:

In 2017, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had issued a circular directing all its affiliated schools to purchase books and uniforms only from vendors authorized by the board. The circular had stated that the decision was taken to ensure that schools do not indulge in commercial activities and promote healthy competition among vendors. However, this circular was met with criticism from various quarters, including private school associations, who argued that it was a violation of their autonomy.

To address these concerns, the Central government issued a clarification in 2018 stating that private schools will not be forced to buy books and uniforms from specific vendors. The clarification also stated that private schools have the freedom to choose their vendors, as long as they follow the guidelines set by the government.

Guidelines for Private Schools:

The guidelines for private schools in India to purchase books and uniforms from vendors of their choice are set by the Central government. Here are some of the guidelines:

Quality of Books and Uniforms:

The books and uniforms provided to students must be of good quality. The government has set certain standards for the quality of books and uniforms, and private schools must ensure that the vendors they choose meet these standards.

Reasonable Price:

The price of books and uniforms should be reasonable. Private schools must ensure that the vendors they choose offer books and uniforms at a fair price. This will ensure that parents do not have to bear an undue financial burden.

Availability of Books and Uniforms:

Books and uniforms must be easily available to all students. Private schools must ensure that the vendors they choose have a sufficient supply of books and uniforms to meet the demand.

Provision of List of Recommended Vendors:

Private schools must provide a list of recommended vendors to parents. The list must include vendors that meet the standards set by the government for the quality of books and uniforms.

No Commercial Activities on School Premises:

Private schools must not engage in any commercial activities on their premises. This means that private schools cannot sell books and uniforms directly to students. The vendors must be outside the school premises.

Right to Education (RTE) Act:

The government has also directed private schools to follow the provisions of the Right to Education (RTE) Act. The RTE Act mandates that schools should provide free textbooks and uniforms to economically weaker students. This provision has been included to ensure that no student is deprived of education due to financial constraints.

The RTE Act also requires private schools to reserve 25% of their seats for students from economically weaker sections of the society. These students are entitled to free education, which includes textbooks and uniforms.


Private schools in India are not forced to purchase books and uniforms from specific vendors. They have the freedom to choose their vendors, as long as they follow the guidelines set by the government. These guidelines ensure that the books and uniforms are of good quality, reasonably priced, and easily available

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