Chicago police reports charges in hit and run out that killed 3 men outside Jeffery Pub in South Shore

August 25, 2022

Chicago police declares charges in hit  and run case that killed 3 men outside Jeffery Pub in South Shore

Chicago Police has identified the driver as  Tavis Dunbar

outside Jeffery Pub in South Shore earlier this month, three men were killed  and injured one.

This time don't let him out, put him in a cell in solitary then throw the key away. Keeping him in jail for the rest of his life guarantees he will NEVER be able to do something like this again.

Drunk driving is a major cause of road accidents in USA.

A suspect who has been charged with triple murder after mowing down four people and killing three of them outside a Black gay bar in Chicago

After a fight outside Geoffrey's Pub in Chicago, Tavis Danbar took his cousin's car and drove it over the people.

It is allegedly that before the incident he shouted on victims "I got something for you, you motherf****s".

Chicago police superintendent David Brown told media outlets he is believed to have intentionally struck the victims with a speeding car

Road incidents are increasing day by day in America.

The prosecutor said that the speed of the accused's car at the time of the incident was more than 60MPH due to which a person was thrown into the air after the collision.